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News July/August 2019

These past couple of months has been an exciting months at Raw4pets, not only did we celebrate our 2nd Birthday, we also have taken on some new suppliers.

We have Proflax which are Superfood Supplements for Dogs, which contains Flaxseed Oil which we know has fantastic properties in it. There is one for Skin & Coat, Calm & Collected, Bone & Joint and Immunity & Digestion. We are getting 2 more in called Liver Love and Tummy Tastic. We have lots of brochures if you would like to read up on their products.

We sell Billy No Mates, as well as Diatomaceous Earth, great for ticks and fleas and recently we got some Tumertinc in stock which is turmeric in liquid form for dogs which has great properties as Turmeric and especially its most active compound curcumin have many scientifically-proven health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and may also help improve symptoms of arthritis. We also sell Kefir which is frozen and can be fed frozen, like the frozen yoghurts which have been very popular. So lots of healthy extras to add to your fur family meals.

We now also stock ‘Durham Animal Feeds’, (DAF) which is selling really well and Paleo Ridge has just come in stock, get in touch if you would like to try some or have a look at the Suppliers you will see them there, why not give them a try?

We have also just got a new Treat Supplier called “Kiwi Walker Treats”, which have Tuna, Salmon and White Fish as well as some other great products coming in stock.

This month has also been really busy with at least 1 dog fair a week, which is lovely as we get to meet so many lovely new customers and tell them about our lovely products which we sell. This week Saturday 17th August, we will be at Paws in the Park 10am to 4pm in Bracknell opposite South Hill Park why not come along and see us.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

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