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We are moving!!

Sadly we say good bye to Titan with our last day of trading on the 4th December 2021.

We are so excited to be opening on a High Street shop from Monday th 6th December 2021.

Our new adddress from Monday 6th December will be

248 Crowthorne High Street, RG45 7AP


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If there are products that we currently do not stock or that are out of stock, please feel free to call on 01344 208343 or email sales@raw4pets.uk so we can arrange.

  • Anco

    Anco (39)

    100% healthy all natural dog chews and treats. Trade suppliers of natural dog treats in the UK. Our ranges keep things pure and simple by letting mother nature do all the work. We hand source the finest ingredients and gently air dry to preserve as many natural vitamins and nutrients as possible.
  • Bella & Duke

    Bella & Duke (1)

    All Our Food Is Hypoallergenic, Grain & Gluten Free, Suitable For All Breeds, Age & Size. Ideal for fussy eaters. Bespoke Subscription. Tailor-made Meals. All Natural Dog Food. Human Grade Ingredients
  • Benyfit Natural

    Benyfit Natural (16)

    Nutritionally Balanced, Human Grade Ingredients. Frozen Raw Pet Food. 100% Raw. UK Sourced Meats. For a Balanced BARF Diet. 100% British Ingredients. Fresh Meat, Veg & Fruit. Types: Raw Dog Food, Raw Cat Food, Treats & Accessories
  • Cotswold Raw

    Cotswold Raw (12)

    An independent, family run company, producing delicious and nutritious raw dog food. It started with our dogs - when we switched their diets to raw food, there was such an improvement in their wellbeing, we started to explore recipes of our own. All the meals we produce are nutritionally complete, developed with our veterinary consultant, because we only want what’s…
  • CSJ K9

    CSJ K9 (4)

    CSJ is the natural choice of some of the most successful dog handlers in the UK and overseas since 1998. We like good, practical solutions at down to earth prices.
  • Dorwest

    Dorwest (15)

    Dorwest Herbs herbal remedies and supplements for dogs, cats and pets. We are authorised by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.
  • Durham Animal Feeds (DAF)

    Durham Animal Feeds (DAF) (66)

    Durham Animal Feeds (DAF) is a family owned and operated business, currently and proudly in its third generation. From its original inception in 1969, DAF has worked hard to earn its reputation as a company right at the forefront of its industry.
  • Eco Hound

    Eco Hound (8)

    Super-strong dog poo bags
  • Four Leaf Rover

    Four Leaf Rover (6)

    We took the very best in natural human health products and made them accessible for our pets. The same high quality products, now available for dogs and cats.
  • Furry Feasts

    Furry Feasts (15)

    Everything in one place to feed the raw pet food diet, we make 100% natural raw pet food and natural treats and offer expert advice on canine nutrition.
  • Henley Raw

    Henley Raw (31)

    Henley Raw Dog Food ingredients are of the highest quality with a firm commitment to ethically sourced produce with high animal welfare standards. (organic, free range or wild where possible).
  • Herbal Pet Supplies

    Herbal Pet Supplies (6)

    At Herbal Pet Supplies, we are a company inspired by all things natural, offering a holistic and healthy approach to caring for your pets. We specialise in creating homeopathic, herbal and natural products from the highest quality, natural ingredients, to compliment a healthier lifestyle for your pet. Our wide range of products covers everything from natural alternatives to harsh flea…
  • JR Treats

    JR Treats (19)

    100% Natural Pet Treats & Chews Jonathan and Rebecca’s passion for pets, innovation, quality and nutrition led them to create their business JR Pet Products. Originally they traded solely in wild bird foods before expanding into the natural dog treat market, which is now the business’s main sector. They have a strong family feel: it’s bring your pet to work…
  • Just Natural

    Just Natural (57)

    Just Natural is synonymous with first-class raw pet foods. We have an extensive range of raw foods, which all meet stringent manufacturing quality and vetinary standards. Our reputation is second to none. All our raw materials are human grade, sourced from EEC approved abattoirs and cutting plants. We always aim high for your beloved pets, and we never miss
  • Kiwi Walker

    Kiwi Walker (9)

    The best reward for your pet is a healthy treat. KIWI WALKER offers treats of purely natural character, without added colouring. And although KIWI WALKER is for its elaborate details embellishment of every interior, it cares primarily about safety and comfort of your pets. A complex range with its typical colours in all product lines top the FOOD products. The…
  • Monty's Natural Treats

    Monty's Natural Treats (22)

    Monty’s Natural Treats was founded by Luke with one goal in mind: providing a high quality, smart & reliable online pet supply shop which sells high quality natural treats, supplements, dog foods and everything your pet deserves at low affordable prices. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future.
  • Natural Instinct

    Natural Instinct (47)

    Natural Instinct raw dog food and raw cat food uses human-grade meat and nutritious vegetables. The choice of award-winning dog breeders.
  • Nurture Them Naturally

    Nurture Them Naturally (39)

    We are an independent producer of raw working dog food and herbal products, we work to the highest standards in our Defra approved factory designed to help us maintain the highest quality food we can produce for our dogs. We believe that mother nature is the best chef, working with nutritionists we make our food based on what canines were…
  • Nutriment

    Nutriment (68)

    With an innovative approach to canine and feline nutrition and a passion for raw food, absolute quality is a fundamental principle to us at Nutriment. Featuring premium ingredients and manufactured by hand, our raw dog and cat food is formulated by highly qualified, in-house nutritionists with the support of vets and industry professionals. We truly value the importance of animal…
  • Paleo Ridge

    Paleo Ridge (21)

    Paleo Ridge has always been extremely focused on quality products. We believe that without using quality ingredients, you can't possibly create quality products. Almost in every scenario, quality in meat is paralleled with rearing and slaughter methods, followed by processing with the highest possible standards. We strongly believe in careful, ethical and sustainable sourcing of meat and ensure that every…
  • Proflax

    Proflax (14)

    We are passionate about sourcing 100% natural ingredients right here in Britain. We guarantee that everything is traceable right from the growing stages through to the final bottling. No chemicals, pesticides or additives were used in the making of our superfood supplements!
  • PurrForm

    PurrForm (21)

    PurrForm feel that all our cat companions deserve a varied mixed diet of fresh ingredients that create healthy, happy pets and satisfied cat owners. ‘Our mission is to spread the word about natural complete raw feeding to all cat owners across the UK. We feel it is vital that you are provided with the key information you need to establish…
  • Sea Treats

    Sea Treats (5)

    Sea Treats manufacture award winning dog treats fresh from the sea. Full of natural health benefits such as high omega 3 and high in protein
  • SmartBarf

    SmartBarf (1)

    SmartBarf™ makes it easy to give dogs on a raw or home prepared diet the beneficial nutrients and vitamins of a wide variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits, seeds and more. We’ve spent years researching the best ingredients for a healthy balanced diet, and we prepare and mix them all for you, saving you time and money. SmartBarf™ – just add…
  • Veni-Dog

    Veni-Dog (10)

    VENI-DOG products are produced in the United Kingdom from human-grade British meats. All our products are gluten free, hypo-allergenic and suitable for dogs with food intolerances. Our venison comes from deer which have led a natural life in the wild feeding on grasses, berries and heather – without any hormones, additives or antibiotics added to their food. All our products…