Who are Raw4Pets.uk?

Raw4pets.uk is a family run business, we are a re-seller of frozen and dry natural raw pet food. Our current suppliers are:

  • Anco
  • Bella and Duke
  • Benyfit Natural
  • Cotswold Raw
  • CSJ K9
  • DorWest
  • Durham Animal Feeds (DAF)
  • Eco Hound
  • Furry Feasts
  • Henley Raw
  • Herbal Pet Supplies
  • Just Natural
  • JR Treats
  • Kiwi Walker
  • Manty’s Natural Treats
  • Natural Instinct
  • Nurture Them Naturally
  • Nutriment
  • Paleo Ridge
  • Proflax
  • PurrForm
  • Sea Treats
  • SmartBarf
  • The Right Stuff
  • Veni-Dog

No product is made on our premises and no ingredient into any products is provided by us

We currently sell products for dogs and cats

Our Business details are:

  • Incorporation number: 10865475
  • Legal Name: Raw4Pets Limited
  • Trading address: Titan Storage Solutions, 9 Sterling Centre, Eastern Road, Bracknell RG12 2PW
  • We currently fall under the VAT threshold and are not registered to charge VAT

How we source the product?

We source our product directly from the product producers

The product is delivered to us in a frozen state (except for treats and dry products)

How we keep the product?

All frozen products are stored in freezes in a safe location

Products remain in a frozen state until packed for delivery

All dry products are kept in a safe and dry location

How we sell the product?

Our products are sold via the following channels

  • Website: raw4pets.uk

Our products are sold frozen (or dry for dry products)

Upon successful completion of sale on our website, the following process applies:

  • Customers will complete the order on line including indicating a delivery date and time slot or confirming a pick-up date and time slot
  • The customer will receive an email confirming the completion of the sale
  • We will then process the customers order
  • Once the customers order is processed, the customer will receive an email confirm successful completion of the order

What happens if your product is not in stock?

  • We will endeavour to obtain your products or will suggest an alternative
  • Should an alternative be acceptable, we will refund the difference (in the event the difference is greater)

What areas we deliver to and at what cost?

For £0.00 delivery cost, we deliver to the following Postal Codes

  • SL5*, RG12*, RG42 *
  • Any delivery order under £20 in these postal codes will incur a £3 delivery charge

For £3.00 delivery cost, we deliver to the following Postal Codes

  • GU14*, GU15*, GU16*, GU17*, GU18*, GU19*, GU20*, GU21*, GU22*, GU24*, GU25*, GU46*, GU47*, GU51*, KT13*, KT14*, KT15, KT16*, RG10*, RG40*, RG41*, RG45*, SL4 *, SL6 *, TW17*, TW18*, TW20*
  • Any delivery order under £20 in these postal codes will incur a £5 charge
  • Any delivery order £50 or over in these postal codes will be free of delivery charge.

For £5.00 delivery cost, we deliver to the following Postal Codes

  • GU1*, GU2*, GU3*, GU4*, GU23*, GU52*, KT7*, KT8*, KT10*, KT11*, KT12*, RG1*, RG2*, RG4 *, RG5 *, RG6 *, RG7 *, RG27*, RG30*, RG31*, SL0*, SL1 *, SL3*, SL8*, SL9*, TW2*, TW3*, TW4*, TW5*, TW6*, TW12*, TW13*, TW14*, TW15*, TW16*, TW18*, TW19*, SL2*, UB3*, UB7*, UB8*, UB11*
  • Any delivery order under £20 in these postal codes will incur a £6 delivery charge
  • Any delivery order £50 or over in these postal codes will be free of delivery charge

For £10.00 delivery cost, we deliver to the following Postal Codes

  • GU5*, GU7*, GU9*, GU10*, KT1*, KT2*, KT3*, KT4*, KT5*, KT6*, KT9*, KT17*, KT18*, KT19*, KT20*, KT21*, RG8*, RG9*, RG18*, RG19*, RG21*, RG22*, RG23*, RG24*, RG26*, RG29*, SL7*, SL8*, SL9, TW1*, TW7*, TW8*, TW9*, TW10*, TW11*, UB1*, UB2*, UB4*, UB5*, UB6*, UB9*, UB10*
  • Any delivery order £100 or over in these postal codes will be free of delivery charge

What methods of payment are accepted?

  • For completing your sale on our website, we accept the following:
    • VISA, MasterCard, BACS, Cash on Delivery (during the Covid-19 period, we will accept Cash however prefer the other methods of payment)

How we deliver the product?

  • Frozen products will be stored in a cold-retainer container during the duration of the delivery time
  • Deliveries will be made by car to a location within your chosen delivery slot.
  • We will endeavour to delivery within your chosen delivery slot, however sometimes we may over-run or deliver earlier than asked for.
  • Goods are left at the customers own risk. If we have been instructed to leave you delivery in preferred location, we cannot be held responsible for any product damage or theft.
  • We can provide a polystyrene-type box to help maintain the quality of your deliver products. Please add this to the comments section in the order cart.

What are the delivery timelines – how long will it take to receive my products?

  • We offer a same day delivery service for orders processed before 10am on that day. An additional £5 delivery charge will be applied to the overall delivery charge.
  • We offer a Next Day Delivery service for orders place the day before.
  • Upon checkout you can select the date and timing of your delivery or pickup
  • For a full list of delivery time slots, charges and coverage, please visit  https://raw4pets.uk/coverage-and-delivery-charges/

What are the returns policies?

  • Product must be returned in the same state it was sold.
  • For frozen products, we can only accept the products back if it is frozen and has remained frozen since delivery or collection.
  • For packaged products, we can only accept products back if the packaging is not broken
  • Delivery charge is not refundable

Raw4pets Loyally Scheme

We offer a loyalty scheme for all our register customers. For every £100 spent at our store, the customer will receive a £5 coupon to use in future on-line sales. To make use of this Coupon simply copy the Coupon code into the Coupon field in you basket when completing your sale.

Terms & Conditions for the Loyalty Scheme:

  1. You need to spend over £20 in a single sale to use this coupon.
  2. This cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon.
  3. You have 3 months from the date of issue to use this coupon.
  4. This does not cover delivery cost.
  5. This Coupon can only be used for the customers registered email address.

Cancellation Policy

If the customer would like to undertake a cancellation of the order, please contact us via the following ways:

  • Text: 07720890438
  • Email: raw4pets.uk@gmail.com
  • Phone: 01344 208 343

For any order cancelled within 24 hour of the requested delivery date and time slot, a change of 50% of the total value of the order will be applied. We will perform a BACS refund into an account nominated by the customer.

What is the user joining process – how to become a member?

  • Simply go to https://raw4pets.uk/register/ and complete the membership form
  • Should you forget your account details you can request them via the logon page

What happens if you forget your account details?

  • Simply go to the logon page https://raw4pets.uk/my-account/  and request to have new details emailed to you
  • These details will be emailed to the address linked to your account
  • Follow the process and you will regain access to your account

Can you buy products without becoming a member?

  • Yes.

How do we use and store your details?

Membership details

  • Membership details are kept on our servers
  • We may use your details to contact you to provide information about specials / sales and events relating to Raw4Pets.uk

Card details

  • All card transactions are managed by STRIPE (https://stripe.com/gb)
  • All card details (saved or not saved) are stored on STRIPE servers within the E.U.

What is the complaints procedure?

  • Either phone on 01344 20 8343 or email on raw4pets.uk@gmail.com
  • Use the feedback form at https://raw4pets.uk/contact-us/
  • We take your concerns very seriously and will address them as quickly as we can